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Thank you to for mentioning Factory Portland in the recent article “How This Tiny East Coast City of 70,000 People Is Churning Out Fast-Growing Startups.  And we agree – Portland’s a great place for artists, musicians, and startups.

While we no longer offer “business and marketing support for local bands and musicians,” we’re still here!  Factory Portland’s current focus is to profile local musicians in our 10Qs series, interview artists “from away,” and highlight other aspects of the local music scene.  We’re fully volunteer run and have recently added several contributors to review shows and add more to the site.  We’ll have some announcements about new features in the coming months, as well as the return of our local musician database.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a longtime reader, we hope you’ll stick around and see what we have to offer!

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  1. Hello,

    I’m tired of Bandmix, craigslist, and all the other so-called musicians/bands/ looking for/needed web sources. What Portland and Maine really needs is a true database of musicians for musicians. I would really entertain talking to someone about this and help design a spreadsheet type format that would stay current with info to better help musicians connect with each other. I’m not tech savvy though and creating and marketing a cross-referenced searchable format is somewhat beyond me but once done I would be more than glad to volunteer to maintain and populate the data to keep it updated. I have some good ideas for identifying the key things that will facilitate musicians finding what they are looking for though. I would look forward to any feedback you may have on this concept. The trick would be of course convincing musicians that it would be to their benefit to get involved. It would have to be a secure format so people would trust it enough to list themselves on it. Thank you

    Best, Dan

  2. I have one! It’s in my plans to bring it back very soon and ask for people to not only submit their bands, but for the the community to submit who is missing. Stay tuned, this may happen sooner than later.

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