Ch ch ch changes

We’ve revamped Factory Portland a bit, the biggest of which is our new look!  We wanted the 10Qs series and information about projects to be a highlighted a bit more.  Our musician database and video directories will also be getting a bit of an overhaul and moving to their own site. We’re also looking into what other tools might be useful to area musicians. We hope to have back those items back online soon, so stay tuned.

Stephen Quirk

Prior to landing his dream job at Automattic, Stephen served as Associate Director of a Boston-based non-profit overseeing the organization's technology, visual design, social networking, and event planning. For twelve years, he worked in the Technology Department at his alma mater, Maine College or Art.

Additionally, Stephen has exhibited his photography in Portland, Maine, Boston, and California. He lives just outside of Portland with his wife and two children.

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