Odesza to Play Port City Music Hall on March 7th

Photo by Marybeth Coghill
Odesza photo by Marybeth Coghill

Seattle electronic music duo Odesza will be play Port City Music Hall on Saturday, March 7th, doors open at 8pm. Odesza, which features Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, is touring in support of In Return (released on Counter Records) their second full-length album. With a mix of ambient tracks with strong percussive emphasis as well as tracks with surprisingly memorable melodic hooks, In Return is an album that rewards the listener ready to absorb it as a whole. There are shades of Majid Jordan, MIA, 90’s hip hop, and Japanese and Indian music that can be heard throughout the record, creating a diverse record that is held together by the duo’s unique use of layered synths.

For more information about the sold out event, please visit Odesza or Port City Music Hall’s websites.  We’ll feature a review of the show.

Please note: We received free admission in exchange for this review.

Nick Perry

Nick Perry

Nick Perry is a proud child of Rumford, Maine. His dream is to become the most famous product of the Rumford/Mexico region, beating out Ed Muskie, Monica Wood, and "Chummy" Broomhall.

Nick has been a member of the bands Burnt Fire, Tapout, The Sidescrollers, Emerson and Thoreau/All Moving Parts, Three Greens, and The Feather Lungs. Nick is currently working on his first album with his group, Nick Perry's Brass Tax.

Nick is also working on a rock opera with his sister, Dawn, which has been on hiatus since 2005. Hopefully mentioning it in this bio will get her motivated to work on it again.
Nick Perry