‘The Filmspotting Connection’, or ‘Two degrees of Ira Glass’

Recently it was posed to me: “okay, but i don’t understand… why would a film review podcast be talking about music in Maine?”

So this is how it happened… when podcasts were introduced to iTunes in 2005, I discovered Filmspotting (then called Cinecast).  What started out as a hobby by two guys in Chicago, has turned in to a show that’s landed guests like Ed Burns, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Rian Johnson, Diablo Cody, Ellen Page, and Shia Labeouf (the bonus content reveals one of the strangest interview outtakes to ever be recorded).  They eventually landed the show on WBEZ/Chicago Public Radio, home of This American Life and Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!.

I had a chance to meet one of the hosts, Adam Kempenaar, at a Boston Filmspotting Meet-up.  In addition to interviews, the show also features short musical interludes to move from segment to segment.  A short time after the creation of Factory Portland, it occurred to me… “Filmspotting has music every week, Portland has great music”.  I hope to continue sending great music to the show, but for now, here’s a list of Portland bands that have made it on air…

Spouse: Episode #316: The American / Top 5 Hitman Movies

Gully: Episode #323: Hereafter / Top 5 Double Features

Brenda: Episode #328: I Love You Phillip Morris / Top 5 DVDs of 2010

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper: Episode #337: Army of Shadows / Top 5 Revolution Movies

Bonus: “Superman” by Spouse as the closing song on This American Life, Episode #178, 2/23/2001: Superpowers

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