Welcome to Factory Portland

Welcome to Factory Portland, a new service to Portland, Maine’s music scene.  Factory Potland combines a couple of concepts that have been pet projects of its creator, Stephen Quirk.

In 1997, Stephen began photographing and assisting Bullyclub (then known as Bully Pulpit), eventually providing imagery for their albums, ‘Tenure’ and ‘likesongs’.  Over the next thirteen years, Stephen would work with New England musicians Elli Gray, Spouse/José Ayerve, Strause & Company, The No. 9, Gully and Bilvox.  Eventually, Stephen’s collaborations would grow to include help with websites, social networks and album release.

The other portion of Factory Portland is the searchable database of area musicians and music related businesses.  Though there are some finishing touches (a last name here, an address there), there are 378 bands, past and present.  These tools could be used for booking a band, finding the latest project of a favorite musician or finding the right person to work on your band’s next album.  There are bound to be bands that have been forgotten and names misspelled, so please use our additions + corrections page as you see fit.

We hope that you’ll find this site a useful addition to Portland’s creative community and welcome any feedback you may have.

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