A Severe Joy/Factory Portland Collaboration

Starting in January 2012, A Severe Joy released his first in a series of ten mono singles.  The sleeves were designed by our very own Stephen Quirk.  The format for the singles is a bit unique… each 10″ disc is made from plexi-glass and lathe cut by Various Artists Records in Kittery, Maine.  The project presented a challenge since the singles would be released once every one to two months and then compiled into two 10-track CDs with stereo versions of the songs.  As of this entry, five singles have been released,  as has the first of the two albums (Cinematesque Part I).  The process started by coming up with an initial design and then altering it slightly over time using images inspired by the images from the songs.  The result is akin to wallpaper or wrapping paper with machines, helicopters, hand grenades, summertime imagery, and UFOs.  Keep an eye out for the next five singles, which will be released over throughout 2013.

Stephen Quirk

Stephen is a freelance builder of websites and creator of content. He worked in the Technology Department at his alma mater, Maine College or Art and as an Events Wrangler at Automattic.

Stephen has exhibited his photography in California and throughout New England and served as Associate Director of a Boston-based non-profit overseeing the organization's technology, visual design, social networking, and event planning.

He lives outside of Portland with his wife and two children.

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