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video2Factory Portland is pleased to announce the addition of a new resource on  Last month, Portland Music Foundation held a training session entitled “Making Music Videos on a Budget” (excellent job on the new website, btw).  The panel included Krister Rollins and Nick Poulin from [dog] and [pony], Adam Flaherty and Spose.  As videos were presented on YouTube and Vimeo, I realized there was no single place to view all of the excellent videos from Maine.  I spent the days following the PMF lecture trying to find just the right tool to display the videos.

The next task was more time consuming – finding the videos.  Some were easy, some I’d seen, many I had not.  After the search, I’d gathered 102 conceptual and performance, high quality videos.  That being said, there are already more to add!  A great feature of the tool being used is that they’re still hosted on YouTube and Vimeo, meaning the musician still gets a hit for every view and all videos retain their copyright.  We’re considering this an extension of our already existing musician and business databases.

We hope that you’ll take a look and enjoy what you see and hear in the Maine Music Video gallery.  Please use our contact form if you have any additions to list or feedback.  We’ll take a look and make sure they meet our standards.

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