NEW FEATURE: Maine Music videos on Factory Portland

video2Factory Portland is pleased to announce the addition of a new resource on  Last month, Portland Music Foundation held a training session entitled “Making Music Videos on a Budget” (excellent job on the new website, btw).  The panel included Krister Rollins and Nick Poulin from [dog] and [pony], Adam Flaherty and Spose.  As videos were presented on YouTube and Vimeo, I realized there was no single place to view all of the excellent videos from Maine.  I spent the days following the PMF lecture trying to find just the right tool to display the videos.

The next task was more time consuming – finding the videos.  Some were easy, some I’d seen, many I had not.  After the search, I’d gathered 102 conceptual and performance, high quality videos.  That being said, there are already more to add!  A great feature of the tool being used is that they’re still hosted on YouTube and Vimeo, meaning the musician still gets a hit for every view and all videos retain their copyright.  We’re considering this an extension of our already existing musician and business databases.

We hope that you’ll take a look and enjoy what you see and hear in the Maine Music Video gallery.  Please use our contact form if you have any additions to list or feedback.  We’ll take a look and make sure they meet our standards.

Stephen Quirk

Stephen is a freelance builder of websites and creator of content. He worked in the Technology Department at his alma mater, Maine College or Art and as an Events Wrangler at Automattic.

Stephen has exhibited his photography in California and throughout New England and served as Associate Director of a Boston-based non-profit overseeing the organization's technology, visual design, social networking, and event planning.

He lives outside of Portland with his wife and two children.

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